Are you trying to sell me financial products?

No, we don't sell any financial product. Instead, we only give recommendations depending upon your present financial situation and keeping in mind your future goals and objectives. There actually might be recommendations where we would want you to exit products, like selling off your low ROI (Return on investment) mutual funds to pay off your high-cost personal loan.

You as a user are completely free to take this recommendation and choose any medium to take the product from. However, we do have our fulfilment program which facilities the process of purchasing a product.

The best part of this; you get no sales call or sales email/SMS from us.

You can check out our detailed offering here.

I don’t live anywhere near Mumbai. Can I still work with you?

Definitely !! We are more than happy to work with individuals, families, and groups. All you need to make it happen is the internet if you are in a different location. We can talk & see each other via video call.

Can I do an individual session instead of a group?

YES, yes and yes! Just like you have personal instructors, we also love to work with an individual. We will take into account, your personal goals and challenges and help you achieve them.

Why do I need a financial friend/coach?

Financial Products are complicated usually both in deciding when to choose one and then which one among so many options. This complexity leads to a requirement of someone who can guide through this maze. Unfortunately, till now this guidance is commission-driven and ends up making people worse off.

That is why you need someone who can take care of all this and who works for you, not for any financial institution.

I don't need recommendations I invest properly. Why use you then?

This is the core difference in just investing versus actually building your wealth. Wealth is built on a solid foundation of protection in the form of savings and insurances. Once you have that then we can leverage tax savings, investments, Home Loans, etc to build assets for you.

RefreshMint App checks how sturdy your foundation is. In, fact unlike others we don't give any investment recommendation till the foundations are in place. Post that you can have a look at your Financial Health reports.

What is the difference between you and others? Why should I choose you?

The most visible one is that we charge our customers for value-added services. These could be subscription fees of Rs.1001-2999 or one-time fees. Often lesser than the overall return on investing our services generate per month for you πŸ™‚

This means that we don't need any commissions from a bank/financial institution to run our business. Further, meaning that we remain completely independent in our recommendations.

The not so visible ones are that the recommendations are given uniquely to you using data science and machine learning and human experts. Since we don't get commissions, our advice is unbiased.

Lastly, since we charge you anything less than extraordinary customer service will be failing you.

Will my information be reported to any other agency?

The data which you share is confidential. We do not share your information with anyone. It is used to complete our internal check so that we understand you better.

What are your fees/charges?

Good things do not come at a cheap price however we have tried to keep the price as low as possible. Compared to traditional advisors, you can get the same services via RefreshMint App at just Rs.1001. Low cost also means that we can constantly provide you with more features.

We will increase the annual subscription fee in the coming months. Till then enjoy πŸ™‚

What information should I have to start this?

Just your basic information like monthly income, your monthly investments, your insurance, etc. And no we don't need any scan copies of these. Just input your values and our data engines will adjust them out.

Is the information shared confidential?

YES!! The data is kept in AWS servers which have the highest protection levels. They are also masked using 256-bit encryption models.

I don't want to pay now? Can I try this first?

Yes of course. The service is free for the first 3 months and the base version will always remain free. So do have a look.

How do I contact you?

You can reach out to us @ 8657603824 via WhatsApp or the contact us page on the site. We also reply promptly on mail (gosocial@refreshmint.in).