Games are a great way to learn about ourselves and our behaviours. Knowing better about ourselves is the foundation on which our decision making rests. And the often in financial world quality of this decision making determines whether the decision was in our favour or against it. Below are links of a few of these which help us understand various aspects of our decision making.


Few interesting games you would love to play

Why we Follow The Crowds

This is an interactive 20 min fun game that shows how our behavior changes in-crowd.

Link: https://ncase.me/crowds/

An interactive game on our biases

There is a castle and there is a monk. Your answer to the question of monk determines your biases.

Link: http://cassandraxia.com/projs/advbiases/

Why and whom do we Trust?

Trust is the fundamental building block on which your relationships are built. Check out this one and think about your RM/Financial Advisor in this lens. Again the gan can get over in 20-25 min

Link: https://ncase.me/trust/