Product Suite

One app to accomplish financial well being

Credit Report

The credit report is a detailed breakdown of your credit history prepared by credit bureaus. In India, there are 4 credit bureau organizations (CIBIL, Experian, Equifax & CRIF). These organizations collect your financial information from your Banks and NBFC. They use this information to create your credit report. Lenders use this information along with many other details to determine your creditworthiness before approving a loan or credit card


As part of our financial health check, we use Experian as a bureau to build your credit profile. Then basis that we give recommendations which span across improving credit score, or reducing your leverage or moving to a more efficient loan product. In case you want to directly avail this we are happy to enable that also via RefreshMint App.

Credit Card

A short-term credit facility given by banks to their account holders which allow cardholders to borrow funds to finance their purchases. A condition is imposed on the cardholders to repay borrowed funds along with interest and other agreed-upon charges.

Investment Advice and Products

While the process to take investment products has eased significantly, the decision-making process remains complex as ever. The ease makes a lot of us do investments when we should not be doing and vice versa. Our plans tell you when to start investing and which products. For example, if you have excess cash and you have a loan running at 18%, we will never recommend investment but tell you to pay off the loan.

Custom Insurance Solutions

Insurance, unfortunately, has been so badly mis-sold that instead of building trust and confidence in financial planning it makes us skeptic most of the time. Through our recommendations, we try to break that. We recommend only health insurance and term insurance which are pure insurance products and are customized to your profile.

Tax Declaration and Filing

We know that for our consumers' tax filing is one part of the process. The actual process starts when we have to do our Tax Declarations, then after around 8 months show the proofs for these investments and then finally get a refund. In our service, we engage with you right from Tax Declaration to ensure that you maximize the benefits, then work with you through the year to get those investments and finally that leads to the filing of returns.