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We have started the Fun & Finance series with an aim to make finance more fun and relatable via short 1 min stories by using fables or interaction with customers etc. We will try our best to help you learn something new in finance via these short stories.

Are you able to differentiate between Sunday and Monday nowadays, today is Sunday and here is a fable.

The Two Goats

On the rocky steeps of a mountain valley, a roaring stream poured. Here, two Goats each on one side wanting to cross the deep pit came to a standoff.

The trunk of a fallen tree was the only means of crossing the chasm, and not even two squirrels could pass each other.

The narrow path on such a steep pit would have made the bravest tremble. But not so our Goats.

Their pride would not permit either to stand aside. As one set foot on the log, the other did likewise. 

In the middle, both locked horns and neither gave up. So both feel, only to be washed away by the current of the stream below.

It is better to yield than to come to misfortune through stubbornness.

See we all cross such steep but essential paths in our lives. If we stay stubborn as the goats did, even we will fall in the chasm.

So firstly, it is of paramount importance that we accept to ourselves that we need help in financial matters.

Finance is complex. Let us simplify it for you

In today’s environment, finance and financial products have been made complex on purpose by finance pros. They want you to get confused and leave them alone.

You might not feel the want, but you need someone by your side. Who understands these strangled products and can cut through the noise.

At RefreshMint, we have placed ourselves right in between you and the finance pros. All you need to do is yield to your own self and reach out.

RefreshMint is a financial App, designed to simplify finances for the young Indians. With us, you get full control of your financial life. Get a free financial health check-up with RefreshMint today.

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