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We have started the Fun & Finance series with an aim to make finance more fun and relatable via short 1 min stories by using fables or interaction with customers etc. We will try our best to help you learn something new in finance via these short stories.

The world was created in 6 days and today is the 6th day of lockdown… So here is a fable for you.

The Wild Boar & The Fox:

On a foggy winter day, a Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks against a stump of a tree. That is when a Fox appeared, this Fox was always looking for a chance to make fun of others.


The Fox, in all his cunningness, pretended to be anxious about some hidden enemy. But the Boar kept right on with his work. 

Then the Fox said with a grin “ why are you doing that, I can’t see any enemies”. 

The Boar replied “true enough, but when danger does come there will be no time to do such work. My weapons will have to be ready or I shall suffer for it”.

Preparedness for war is the best guarantee of peace.

In reality, Boar’s mindset is the one we all must-have. War, calamities, in short, any kind of emergency does not come announced.

Emergency Fund

It is up to us whether we are prepared for them or not. You do not have to sharpen your teeth like the Boar.

All you need to do is keep aside some amount of money for a rainy day.

At RefreshMint, we have a specified way of calculating your emergency funds, so prepare for war. You can write to us anytime and we assure you a reasonable solution.

RefreshMint is a financial App, designed to simplify finances for the young Indians. With us, you get full control of your financial life. Get a free financial health check-up with RefreshMint today.

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