Global markets plummet as fear of coronavirus increases. Indian Stock markets are no better than any other market in handling the scare. Nifty has fallen to 2014 levels and its Price-Earnings ratio is below the overvaluation mark. 

Now is the time to start deploying your funds into the markets, SLOWLY. Historically, whenever Nifty PE is less than 22, the 3-year return turns positive. But beware in the current scenario, the stock market can slide down further. 

Nifty Monthly Price Chart
Source: Trading View 

On 19th March, the Nifty PE fell to 18.63. The lower this ratio becomes, the higher the 3-year return investors can enjoy. 

Markets are falling. Now is the time to start investing with caution as markets can fall further. 

Additionally, to ensure your safety in the near future, you should have an insurance policy handy. 

Coronavirus is not the sole reason to have insurance, a young and healthy person will recover without any serious medical attention. There are other deadlier diseases covered in a standard insurance policy. This is why you must have one. 

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