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In these difficult times, we at RefreshMint have come up with a limited 21 days series. Each day we will try to help you to learn something new, in a short 1 min letter. Our effort is to cheer you up with these.

As we end Day 1 of our lockdown here is a short fable. As nothing cheers one up like a fable.

The Stag And His Reflection

Once upon a time, there was a Stag. While drinking water the Stag saw his reflection and started wondering about how his antlers looked like a crown and despised his spindling legs. Suddenly, a panther comes out of nowhere to attack, thus the Stag starts to run. 

But as he ran through the forest, his wide-spreading antlers get stuck in trees while the panter approaches. At that moment the Stag realises that his shameful legs would have saved him had it not been for his ornamental antlers.

We often make much of the ornamental and despise the useful.

During this 21 day lockdown, you get a chance to differentiate between your fancy and useful expenses. 

So why not try this!! Grab a cup of chai, take a pen, and write down all the expenses which you used to make on a regular day. From that just cross the ones which you think are fancy expenses.

Is the expense on many cups of chai ornamental or useful expense? 🙂 

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