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In a report on higher education, half of the recent graduates are not using the skills they learned in college while at work. In the same report, 86% of students learn new skills outside the college. [1] So, sometimes the skills you learn in college may be outdated by the time you enter the job market.

1.Cater to employer’s needs

Understand what your employer wants
It is important to display your skills in a way that appeals to the employer’s needs. Develop your resume so that it places you perfectly to combat the employer’s problems. This helps to portray yourself as a potential asset to the firm making you desirable. Always highlight what you can do for the company and not what the company can do for you. [2]

2. Find cheap ways to upskill

Build your Skillset

All employers want to hire people with skills and experience. If you are starting now, this might look impossible. Even though must skill development classes be paid and expensive, try enrolling in free or cheap online courses which helps to upskill yourself.

You can even find free YouTube videos on excel skills, economic concepts, finance basics, marketing, and many more. You just have to commit to skills building and start learning. Further, EDX offers free verified graduate-level courses that are taught by professors from reputed international universities.

Alternatively, you can check out websites like Udemy, upGrad, FutureLearn offering paid online courses which is relatively cheaper than college degrees.

3.The art of giving and using feedback

Constructive Feedbacks are powerful

All employees can benefit from giving feedback to others and using their feedback to improve themselves. This helps management to build communication, provide constructive feedback, and establish a collaborative team culture which is important skills. [3] Moreover, this also improves retention, motivates people to focus on company and personal growth.  

A Letter of recommendation from previous employers and teachers would help you to build credentials. Further, engaging with industry professionals online and at events so you find yourself a mentor. [2] This provides you with an opportunity to show your skills.

4.Become a constant learner (driven by curiosity)

First Learn then Earn

Technology keeps on changing constantly which demands that employees and managers must keep up with the pace. Millennials are the perfectly placed generations to take advantage of these advancements given that they remain curious and learn constantly. For all millennial managers, the pace of innovation will speed-up during their lifespan and they should match it. [3]

To match the pace, you should subscribe to online newsletters that are focused on your choice of industry like the Ken, ET Prime (for finance), etc. You could also follow industry professionals on social media sites to be updated. Being relevant is a skill that is generally underestimated.

5.Solve Problems

Solving problems bit-by-bit

If you want to make an impact, then you must have problem-solving skills. You must give yourself the opportunity to get the work done by yourself and to resist the urge to ask help from others. To demonstrate true leadership potential, you must be able to take initiatives and collaborate with your team to complete tasks. [4]

Problem-solving process

1. Identify the issue

2.Understand everyone’s interest

3. List the possible solutions (options)

4.Evaluate the options

5.Select an option or options

6. Write down the agreements

7.Monitor and Evaluate the results [5]

If still you feel you are unable to get desired results, then seek help from others which could be your senior, peer, college friend, or online forums like Quora.

6.Stick with-it with patience

Many millennials are stereotyped as impatient job hoppers with short attention span. This assessment is not entirely true, as shortcomings like employee dissatisfaction and over-supervision in the workplace may have caused these prejudices. It is up to you to overcome them by following through with patience as these skills are required to achieve your long-term objectives.

7. Collaboration is the new way

The workplace is becoming more collaborative now more than ever, which could be a good thing for millennials as most of them like to brainstorm with like-minded people. [6] If you are comfortable with collaboration then you could go a long way. Communication and collaboration that helps to maintain transparency among the people you work are good skill to acquire.

Communication plays an essential role in the workplace as it enhances employee engagement, improves efficiency and productivity. Moreover, it aids in the team-building process which necessary to develop team talents. [7]

In conclusion

Above mentioned strategies do not guarantee a fulfilling job but for sure are simple steps to initiate a productive habit of thinking and working towards your career goals. Obey these tactics and be a realist, neither an optimist nor a pessimist for new opportunities.

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