Source: Trading View 
  • After being put under a moratorium, Yes Bank’s share fell to a 10-year low of ₹5.65 on 6th march. 
  • After falling drastically, the share saw a nominal increase till 13th March. 
  • The main turnaround could be seen on 16th March where it broke the 50 moving average (simple-green line and exponential-blue line). 
  • On 17th March, this uptrend strengthened. As it opened above the 200 moving average  (simple-brown line and exponential-purple line). 
  • It saw a 300%+ rise in price as it closed at ₹59.15 in just 7 trading day. This might be a sign of its redemption. 

RBI has implemented a unique rescue plan with the help of other state-backed and private banks infusing capital. This could be the reason that has lifted investor sentiment towards Yes Bank. 

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