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We have started the Fun & Finance series with an aim to make finance more fun and relatable via short 1 min stories by using fables or interaction with customers etc. We will try our best to help you learn something new in finance via these short stories.

On the 3rd day of the lockdown, this little fable is to control mass hysteria about some financial products which are being pushed down people’s throats over the last few years.

The Mother and The Wolf

One early morning, a wolf was searching for prey around a small village. There he heard a mother say to her child “stop crying or I’ll give you to the wolf”. 

Surprised but delighted, the wolf had his hopes real high just by the thought of a delicious meal. He waited all day in vain till nightfall, then again he heard the mother as she was rocking her baby to sleep. 

The mother and the wolf

She said “child sleep, the wolf shall never get you. Daddy will kill him if he comes near”. As the Father came within sight, the wolf fled to save his life.

Do not believe everything you hear.

In the past few years, the Mutual Funds industry has seen a rampant increase in its demand. 

Maybe the reason behind this is that Systematic Investment plans (SIPs) have been marketed too aggressively in India. That too they have been targeting millennials.

It is astonishing to see the size of retail SIPs made in India. Mutual Funds get around ₹8000 crores a month from retail investors like you and me. Not all of these are invested in the junk. 

Starting a SIP without reviewing its portfolio and its fund manager’s ability, will prove to be disastrous.

Sab Mutual Fund SIP Sahi Nahi Hai
Consult Financial Expert

The current market shock is a perfect example of this. Even the best of Mutual Funds are facing huge loss in value. 

SAB Mutual Fund SIP Sahi NAHI hai. 

Do check out for yourself, before investing in mutual funds. Especially when investing through SIPs. Alternatively, if you need a second opinion, feel free to write to us at RefreshMint.

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