It is noticed in a survey that 95% of Indian millennials are feeling stressed [1]

Almost 23% of millennials have reported heart problem symptoms as compared to only 17% of aged 50+. [2]This is a very grim statistic because generally young people are viewed as healthier than the elderly. Most millennials in India feel stressed-out in life more than previous generations. This is an issue because of the more competitive job market, ever-increasing health care prices, political and macro-economic environment, social pressure among many others. 

Top stress triggers for millennials

Finances and debts

Stress can be triggered through many things but the most crucial reason is your financial position. This can be concluded from the fact that 74% of global millennials feel that finances are the pain point and 91% of global millennials said that a higher income would make them less stressed. [3] We believe that the majority of Indian millennials would feel more comfortable if they received higher salaries. 

Further, financial factors other than income also cause it. Some of these are low savings rate among millennials, increasingly volatile and complex financial markets. Nowadays, there is so much information available regarding investing and financial advisory that it ends-up being noise to the user.  For your own sake, it is necessary to seek good financial advice from a professional who charges fees rather than commissions.

Work and career tensions

Too Many Sources, Too less Paths

Among all people surveyed by Cigna TTK Health Insurance, 87% of the workforce is saying that they are constantly stressed and 13% felt that their stress is unmanageable. [2]

We believe like everyone, you also would like a value-full career. However, many millennials realize this at a much later stage that the work you do might be stressful not because you don’t like it but because of long working hours, heavy workload, tight deadlines, lack of autonomy and over-supervision.  

Struggle to maintain work-life balance

Bad Work-Life Balance

The struggle is real to maintain a healthy work-life balance and many millennials think that it is a problem of time. If you think that a few more hours in a day could help you fulfil your responsibilities and achieve your goals, then you may need to reassess your goals and responsibilities. Inability to completing your goals and responsibilities could pile on extra stress. It is stated in a survey that 56% of millennials worldwide feel stress because of work-life imbalance. [3]

 Stress levels of Indians are off the charts as 89% of Indians feel stress in their daily life. [4] This might have serious health implications which could further worsen your finances if you do not have health insurance. 54% of insurance policyholders feel secure to look after their family’s health and finances, whereas only 38% of non-policyholders feel they are ready. [2] After looking at these stress triggers, I believe that limiting stress is necessary and having insurance can help you with it. Further, having a well-structured financial plan would help with future mishaps. 


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