Our Approach

We believe that any individual customer today deserves to get financial services in a manner that is uniquely suited to them. Unfortunately, the present system has two flaws. One, that it designs solutions that are basis half-baked profiles. Two, the incentives and sales pressure drive solutions and not what’s right for the consumer.

We want to tackle both of these problems. For the profile part, we are in the process of building an amazing UI/UX and Data Science driven solution which will make the profile unique to the consumer

For providing a solution to the consumer, we are building a recommendation engine which is machine-driven but learns from experts

By building the above we are refreshing the consumers interact with financial products while giving power in the hands of consumers to make independent and correct financial decisions

Our Story

The story of this idea germinated around 5 years ago, when one of us was working in a bank and saw how rampantly products were mis-sold to the consumer.

While our initial understanding was that this is a combination of customer’s blind trust in the financial institution and sales targets of these institutions.

However, only recently we realized that the bigger reason even if solved the above two was that customers and financial institutions themselves don’t know about their complete financial profile.

With this clarity, we thought now we can try to solve this problem

Meet the Team

Saurabh Shankar

Co-Founder & CEO – He has more than 14 years of experience across Financial Services, e-commerce, and fintech. He can be reached at saurabh@refreshmint.in Or on Linkedin

Vaibhav V

CoFounder & CTO- He has more than 14 years of experience across database management, designing system architectures, project management. He can be reached vaibhav@refreshmint.in Or on Linkedin